England Trip Day 3

I had a great time today. I had my first English lesson, I am in a class with Grace Wu. There are six of us from HK and seven is from other country, it was quite fun. After lunch, I have another class that we can chose our own topic and I chose Harry Potter. I can answer all the quesions as I know the story and the film very well. We also play tennis after the class with Sheena, Eunice, Hilary, Rana, Alison and another boy from HK and we had lots of fun. The food was quite good today, I think I wiil soon get use to it. This is the best day I had since I came to England.


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  1. Auntie Andrea said

    Hi! Mommy, papa and I had breakfast at Teresa this morning before mommy went to work. Now I finally got a chance (was too busy w/ work yesterday) to browse your diary in your dad’s blog! It seems that you are getting more and more used to the environment and food ! I do agree it is hard not to compare them with those in HK, but do try to enjoy it as it is. Do remember that every day is a gift from our Heavenly Father!! Looking foward to see the photos you took in England.

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