England Trip Day 5

I learn more and more in my English class, we learn the defining words today, it was quite new to me and I want to know more about it. In the Harry Potter class, we played many game and we also created a badge of our own. After the classes, Eunice, Rana, Sheena, Hilary, a boy, Alison and I went to play baseball with other student in the summer school. I think I did play very well as I gain 7 whole round over 11 for my team, but I felt really really tired after that because I was always the last one left in the team and I need to run very fast as to gain a whole round point. In the evenning after dinner, the teacher took us to a little road besides a stream for a walk. I took lots of photos there. The food was OK today, but I’d like yesterday’s more.




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