England Trip Day 6

I am not having a very great time today. I still like the morning English classes and we learn about some adjective of people’s face like pale skin, deep eye, blond hair… There are many of them that I can remember all but I drop down notes so that I can study them afterward. i had the last lesson of HP, I still haven’t finish the badge of mind, I think I will finish it when I am back to HK. After the HP class, we went to the Christ Church where the Great Hall of HP take, of course, it is much more smaller than the Great Hall in the film. I took lots of photos there. After dinner, we went punting, which is a kind of water sports on a boat with a long stick. We were in a group with two boys because they think we are not strong enough to move the boat, but the two boys don’t really know how to do it. They get us very far and always jump and shake the boat and splash the water to us and this made us scared and angry. When they don’t know how to get back, they gave them to our girls. I must tell that we did much better than them, but we still call the teacher to help as we’re afraid that we go too slow and got the wrong way. Finally, the teacher came and help us to get back. It was a really “EXCITING" activity. I don’t really like the food today, we had rice for dinner tonight but it taste very strange.

I really wanted to go to Korea for a trip and I promise I will practice very hard and get good result in the exam!


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  1. Amy 姑姐 said

    Hi Rachael, I want to tell you something I am excited. I passed all the subjects in my legal studies and got ‘A+’ in one of the subjects. I am thinking how to celebrate, do you have any idea. I cannot sleep as I really really happy 😀 that I can study in my old age. I decide go ahead to a Degree, is it impossible? I think I can, I can.
    Enjoy and treaure your wonderful school life.

  2. slowman said

    Woo !! O_o !! you are so great !! How long to get a degree ?

  3. Amy 姑姐 said

    I have apply 1st year LLB. This will be a long road, 4 years to complete if I pass every year. You know what my boss said ‘吓! 乜你揾D咁嘅野攪呀!!!’

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