England Trip Day 7, 8

Sorry that I didn’t send you a email yesterday because it was too late when we came back to the school as we watched the drama “Lion King" last night. It was the most amazing Drama I had ever seen. I like the music, the costoms and the story. We also went to see a palace, unfortunately, we can’t take photos inside the palace, but I still took some photos outside. Today, we first went to the London Eye, then Sheena, Eunice, Rana and me went to Buckingham Palace. On the way, we took so many photos of the Big Ben, a church and a bridge. After visiting the Buckingham Palace, we took tubes ( England underground ) back to Corfen Garden to go shopping. Then we went back to school and had dinner. In the evening, we joined a circus training. I played quite well. I am looking forward to tomorrow as we are going to visit the place  where Shakespeare born. I think it will be fun.


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  1. slowman said

    Mum Cammy just figure out what sport you are playing on the river. It is punting, a UK traditional activity.


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