England Trip Day 10

There was notthing really special today. I still have English classes in the morning. The leadership class was really really really boring. This was quite a boring day. Todays food was quite good.
Tomorrow, we are going to summer town for shopping and I am going to buy presents for my cousins.


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  1. Janice Lee said

    Hey Rachael! It’s your cousin Janice. =)

    It’s so nice to see that you’re having fun (well, maybe not today, but overall you are)! You’re so lucky to be spending so much time in England! I want to go to England too! I can’t believe that your english is improving so much, and everything you’re doing there is helping that process too! Your mom keeps telling me that you miss Hong Kong very much, and that you can’t wait to come back! Make sure you take lots of photos so that we can all see what you did! Sarah, Wilfred, and I will be in Hong Kong when you come back, so we can go to USA Jumping Gym together! =)

    Take care!


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